Приветствие за протеста на 20 юни от АДФ Интернешънъл

Приветствие за протеста на 20 юни от АДФ Интернешънъл

Dear friends!
Thank you for gathering here today! Thank you for taking a stand for the family! The family – husband and wife, open for the great gift of children – is the decisive building block of our societies. The relationship between spouses as well as between parents and children deserves the protection of the law.
ADF International is a faith-based legal organization dedicated to the protection of fundamental rights and the promotion of the inherent dignity of every person. Specifically, we work in areas of the right to life, freedom of religion, and marriage and family. We have intervened and assisted in over 50 cases at the European Court of Human Rights which includes several cases related to the family and parental rights.
International law rightly recognizes that family is the basic and fundamental building block of society. It also guarantees parents’ primary responsibility and right to raise and educate their children.
We intervened before the Bulgarian Constitutional Court to make these international standards clear. According to these standards, any state intervention into the family life must be very rare. It should be based on verifiable evidence, subject to robust scrutiny, considered a last resort, and always aimed towards family reunification.
When families are weakened, when parental rights undermined, and when the best interests of children are pitted against the responsibility of parents, the very foundation of society is shaken.
We therefore call for respect for the principles well established by international law. And we thank you for standing for the family!

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